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This NEW (one) 1" THICK Novaculite Bench Whetstone Sharpener is made up of (2) TWO   1/2" thick stones fused together. (1) One side is a soft novaculite stone for starting an edge on a dull blade. The other side is hard novaculite for finishing. This two sided sharpening whetstone is Genuine Arkansas Novaculite mined ONLY in the Ouachita Mountain region of Central Arkansas. True Arkansas Novaculite is the finest knife sharpening material in the WORLD! This Dual-Stone sharpener can put a quality edge on any blade. These whetstones  come in a BEAUTIFUL Hand Crafted Cedar or Hardwood Box. If you are looking for a SUPER Best Quality Novaculite dual-stone sharpener that will last a LIFETIME, this is it! Makes for a GREAT GIFT!

Dual Whetstone Sharpener (Soft/Hard)

PriceFrom $62.95
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